Friday, December 23, 2011

Wrap It Up!


It’s coming on Christmas and I am faced with the deed of wrapping presents.  If you are anything like me, this is a trying task that often defeats me.  I like the look of presents all wrapped in funky paper with a sparkly bow added to jazz it up.  The only problem is I can’t wrap to save my life.  I always end up tangled up in tape, waste too much tape, tape paper that I am not suppose to tape which ends up ripping the paper when I am trying to remove the tape.  It’s hideous.  I am considering repeating kindergarten because apparently somewhere along the line I didn’t learn how to cut a straight one.  If your lucky your scissors are sharp enough to slice the paper right to end leaving a nice clean edge.  I have sharp scissors, and they slice beautifully but I cannot make it to the end of the paper without snagging the paper somehow and ripping a large chunk off.  Soon I am becoming flustered and hacking off squares that end up either to big or too small for what I am wrapping.  And I never make it through a wrapping session without nearly cutting a finger off.  I love the way presents have those neat envelope folds on both ends, all tucked in tight, and securely sealed with tape you can’t even see.  My folds aren’t even folds half the time.  Usually I have enough paper on either end to wrap a whole new gift.  You would think I would try to cut off the extra paper but I don’t because by that time I have usually the lost the scissors so I am forced to do what I can with what I got.  My folds end up too bulky and require copious amounts of tape to hold them down.  Sometimes I just gather the ends and twist them up like a candy wrapper, tie on some ribbon, and Voila! Why don’t I use gift bags you ask?  It is the answer to all my problems but I like the look a wrapped present, it’s more personal, and the kids like to tear into them. 

For this holiday season, I have research how to successfully wrap a gift and have posted it for those of you that need a little tutorial.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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