Monday, October 10, 2011

The Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin


While shopping for pumpkins one year I noticed all the deformed pumpkins were left behind and it inspired me to write this Halloween poem about a pumpkin feeling a little left out!

The lumpy, bumpy pumpkin sits in the pumpkin patch,
Watching all the boys and girls, choose their favorite catch,
He knows his skin has blemishes, he has bumps and lumps galore,
But given just a single chance he could be something more.

Let all the smooth skin pumpkins, have smiley toothy grins.
For soon they will be nothing more, but empty headed bins.
They'll carve and hack your faces, they'll scoop your guts right out,
With candle flames they'll scorch your lid, of that I have no doubt.

You'll spend your nights all shrunken, upon the cold cement,
And in the warmth of daylight, your innards will ferment.
And once the evening's over, they'll toss you in the trash,
Where you will slowly melt down, to gooey pumpkin mash.

This loneliness is fading, mine is not an awful fate,
I'd rather scare myself to death than be used as merely bait.
So, now I'm feeling better, I'll just let those fools go,
I will not think of it again, or cause myself more woe.

Oh wait, there is a boy, he really must have me,
I see he understands, how scary I can be.
He says he wants a monster, I see he's got good taste,
He knows a classy pumpkin will never go to waste.

My lumps and bumps are perfect, for scaring kids away,
With fangs and glowing eye balls, I hold the spooks at bay.
Yes, I've been hacked and gutted, I'm looking quite a sight.
For I'm the perfect pumpkin, to scare the kids tonight.



  1. I always pick overall shape over smoothness. A few bumps never stopped me. Cute story. :)