Friday, September 9, 2011

Diary of a Wimpy Super-Hero


My classroom is sunny and friendly.  The large windows on the west wall fill my room with afternoon sunshine and warmth.  School is going well and I am excited everyday to be at school making learning fun and to wear my new school clothes of course.  We have had gorgeous weather all week but the heat is becoming unbearable.  We are currently under siege with the coming of a wasp invasion.  The combination of the heat, outside garbage’s, and hundreds of children wearing bright colors has them buzzing. While on supervision, It took everything inside of me to stand perfectly still pretending to be tough and say, “No I am not afraid of the wasp buzzing around my face.  It is best to not panic and just calmly walk away.”  If alone I would have run around screaming and dove into a bush or something while in absolute sheer terror. 

I noticed a wasp had broken past the supervision guardians and the grade five recess patrols and found its way into the hallways.  Complete panic hit the boot room and the bad news traveled fast.  By the time I reached my classroom over half my students were shouting the news at me down the hall and the other half were pointing into our room.  I walked into the classroom and there it was…buzzing in the window and “Billy” was throwing the classroom library at it.  “Sally” and “Shirley” were standing on their desks to get a better view of the execution of the wasp and all I really wanted to do was run out of the classroom shrieking.  I didn’t of course because I am the teacher and the children need me to be brave.  In truth they were the brave ones while I was the scaredy cat.  I was grateful one of the Robert Munch books stunned the wasp making my capture quick and smooth.  I got hugs and very relieved thankyous .  I was a super hero! I high fived a few hands, took a few pats on the back, taking it all in and not letting them know that I almost blacked out at the thought of battle. I am a wimpy super hero and I will never let tell!


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