Wednesday, April 6, 2011


When I was nine I was part "owner" of a lemonade stand with my sister and our friend Hollie.  On hot sunny days you could find us perched on a grassy null adjacent to Cassils Road with a jug of lemonade and a few hundred stryfoam cups.  Our business catered to those needing a cool beverage, which was served cold only for the first hour we were open until the ice melted often resulting in warm lemonade for the rest of the day.  Our customers were given a styrofoam cup full of crystallized lemonade that only cost them 25 cents a cup.  Sometimes people walking down the street would run across and buy two or three lemonades to quench their thirst.  I believe they had to buy two or three because the cups were a bit small.  Mostly our customers were our parents.  I recall Hollie's dad spending five dollars for a splash of our delicious tepid lemonade.  We were delighted and kept our earnings in a tin can that we hid under a tree in the alley behind our house that I am amazed no one found and stole our money.  Our business took a nose dive after another stand went up further down the street.  They were offering colder lemonade and fresh lemon wedges. 

I always wanted a real lemonade stand built out of wood, much resembling Lucy Van Pelt's psychiatrist stand.  Perhaps one day we will build on for Lyric.

If your kids are interested in building a delicious lemonade drink for their stand or you are having guest over for a barbeque, here is a homemade recipe shared with me from Buffy Olson.

Add 4 litres of water in a clear glass bowl with five decafinated Orange Pecoe tea bags.  Cover the bowl with Saran Wrap  and put in the sun for 6-8 hours.  Then add one can of frozen lemonade (whatever flavour you like) and a 1/2 a cup of sugar to the mixture and stir.  Chill and add lemon wedges for garnish!

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