Friday, April 8, 2011

When Venus Met Mars



It is always exciting when you are in love and move into your own "love" nest that together you call home. You exchange ideas of where to put furniture, what color to paint the walls, and what meals you will sit down together and eat.  Soon friends come over with house warming gifts and you both have never hugged and kissed more.  The pair of you are truly in a state of euphoria. You are startled one day when you come home to a Toronto Maple Leafs flannel blanket tacked up in the dining room window acting as a curtain but remind yourself that the house belongs to the both of you and you could compromise a little.  You whistle a love song and forget about it.  Later that day while dusting you notice you are dusting several billiards trophies that have replaced those pretty little glass book holders that sparkled so prettily in the sunlight.  Instead of selfishly removing them from the bookcase, you remind yourself what an achievement the trophies represent. You walk away whistling less, but still whistling. You double take walking by your bedroom and are pulled back into its entrance when you see the Guns N Roses poster hanging above the bed adding to the floral duvet. You consider the fishing rod mounted along side the two elegant pictures of ivy growing in the shape of a heart. The dartboard hanging in the breakfast-nook stirred up some dark and scary emotions inside of you and it was obvious that he needed a cave for his manly treasures. 

Mine and Chris's decorating didn't match up but we clearly did so we turned the detached garage into "The Martini".  The Martini has a coin box pool table, poker table, dartboard, tunes, Satellite, and a mini fridge.  He and his friends drywalled the entire garage and painted it green.  They built corner shelves to lean on and installed an older heater that keeps it toasty in the winter and an air conditioner that keeps it cool in the summer. He keeps it neat, fun, and inviting!

Here is one of the best scenes from When Harry Met Sally about a couple moving in together;

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