Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Slow Down; You Move To Fast

Tomorrow is Lyric's first birthday.  I have never needed a hug, a hot bath, and a chocolate bar more than I do now.  I am over whelmed with back flashes of the beginning and how we have come so far.  It doesn't seem long ago that I was out on supervision with my ski pants half off because they wouldn't fit over my belly any more. The night I went into labour Chris mumbled, "Don't go into labour tonight hon, I need to get a good nights sleep."  My water broke five minutes later.  The ladies at the hospital were kind and brave which is the perfect nurse in a situation such as that.  My sister Angel, who was three months pregnant at the time, was my rock. Chris was in shock I am sure of it but I could not have done any of it without him.  My mom and grandma were in the waiting room all night long communicating via text message with  Angel. When he was born "Team Lyric" posed for a victory pose with the new boy. Soon we were in a room together as a family.  Reality set in when the nurse wheeled in a cart with diapers undershirts, soothers, towels, blankets, and ointment on it.  She said, "Here are the things you need to take care of him and change him." "Change him?" I panicked since I hadn't learned how to change a diaper but was planning on getting to it.  When we brought Lyric home we came home to a clean and baby ready house thanks to the hard work of my cousin. Zeppelin had a nervous breakdown and began running circles  through out the house at three in the morning while I was up feeding Lyric.  Zeppelin was just as exhausted as I was those first few months and I was jealous of his day time napping.  I didn't take long and I was out and about with Lyric and his bobble head, taking him out for lunch with many friends I was happy to reconnect with.  It is funny that I thought those days were so hard when all he did was sleep in his car seat while I had a fantastic lunch with my friend.  We took him out for brunch last Sunday and he smashed pancakes, eggs, pudding, and syrup in his hair.  He has grown into a curious, relentless, little sweetheart that keeps us on our toes.  Zeppelin makes him laugh like no other and is gentle while Lyric climbs on his back and bites his ears.   The house is more alive than ever while Chris and him play airplane games and  chase Zeppelin wildly around the house.  I am hearing my name, "mama" more and more when he is upset after I have taken the heating register away from him or have had to stop him in the middle of pulling chunks of hair out of poor Zeppelin. He is learning and becoming who he is going to be and I'm excited and terrified all at the same time! One thing is for sure, I now understand why my mother was emotional on my birthdays.  I am her baby and I wasn't supposed to grow up so fast.  I think I will leave off with that and go call her. 

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