Monday, March 7, 2011

The Lee Of The Stone

In an earlier post I spoke of a mouse that was turning our home inside out.  I had big dreams back then thinking it would only be a couple of days to get him and we could go back to normal.  It turns out that the mouse is still inhabiting the basement and has survived a situation similar to that of James Franco's  in 127 Hours. The thought of this has begun to traumatize me making even more fearful of what is going on in the basement.  There has been a lot of activity lately.  I am afraid that my mouse isn't alone and Mrs. Frisby and the gang are down there with him moving their house to the "lee of the stone" or something.  I am doubtful they are building me a ball gown or singing work songs while they sweep my kitchen or do my mending.  Chris pitched a plan to test run a cat in the house which is currently plan "H" right now. Zeppelin would lose his marbles, run towards him at top speed with no intentions of stopping, and the cat would have a heart attack.  Besides we have more than eleven cats at one time in our yard. The village we live in has the highest population of cats in the County.  I think a family of five live under our deck alone.  I know nine or ten came tearing out from underneath my car the other night.   The point is; we may have a three-legged mouse leading an army that has outsmarted every cat on the property, escaped and stolen from our traps, and is making themselves at home.  I am surrendering my sword, taking my place hidden under the covers, and hoping my husband saves me. 


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