Friday, March 11, 2011

Some Where Over The Rainbow

When I was ten I went to school with rainbow eye shadow on, from lid to eyebrow. I woke up extra early to apply purple on the lids followed by a line of each color from the rainbow up to my eye brow.  If my memory is correct, I may have colored the brow itself.    I thought it was cutting edge and artistic.  My classmates did not.  I believe the question was, “What’s all over your face?"  I knew it was a work of art so I kept it on all day. I was told I wasn’t setting many trends with my fashion sense.  My favorite outfit was my red and white jump suit with the words JELLO written with bright colors in the center. I wore it two…three times a week.  Mom and my younger sister Angel, would occasionally lay clothes out for me in hopes I would come around to a more stylish approach in dressing myself but I railed against them and wore my jump suit.  When I needed glasses I was completely against the pretty little pearl glasses my mother had picked out.  I had to have the pink ones with frames the size of CDs. My classmates were a tough crowd. The massive pink glasses were not well received but I loved them and wore them until they succumbed to a “backer” then a “bummer” on the trampoline. It wasn't until later years that I gave denim a chance. 
I went on to experience many fashion and social catastrophes through out my youth.  I was head strong and had my own ideas.  Unfortunately being a little eccentric resulted in some teasing.  Fortunately I had a wonderful group of girl friends and my parents were raising me to be confident so I was quick to defend myself even though it hurt at times.  As a teacher I have come across little fighters defending their honor as an individual and I have seen what the cruelties of bullying can do to a child that doesn’t have that confidence in them. I have watched children form into groups at early ages and exclude others for the way they dressed, the color of their skin, their body type, and the list goes on and on.  I have seen nice children say hurtful things to those being teased in order to “survive” in fear of being victimized themselves.  And I have seen gifted, talented, and wonderfully “different” children stop taking risks and become crippled from the scrutiny of their peers.  Bullying is a sad reality and not only is it present in our youth but it carries on into our adult years.  I cannot save every child from being bullied but I can raise my own child to be strong, confident, and compassionate. 

I Am Aware of Bullying and I Am Educating Someone Against It.  Please share this with others if you are too.

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