Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Close

For you romantics, gypsies, witch folk, astronomers, or any one interested in the moon phases; tonight is not only a full moon but it is a "Super Moon".  According to NASA, the moon will be brighter and appear larger tonight because it is closer to earth.  The last time it was this close to the earth was in 1992.  Unfortunately the Super Moon is stirring up some unfounded conspiracy theories about tsunami's, earthquakes, and even floods due to higher tides.  I noticed last night the "halo" or ring around the moon which suggest bad weather is on its way which is interesting considering they are calling for a snow storm this evening.  

 I prefer to focus on the "brighter" side of the full moon and share with you some facts and magical rituals I have heard about. I have always been fascinated in the moon phases and follow its cycle through out each month.  First let me show you how the moon works from start to finish.  The term waxing means to gradually grow larger and waning means to gradually decrease.  The moon starts as a New Moon which you can't see until it is a Waxing Crescent, then it waxes to a Full Moon then wanes to a Waning Crescent which ends in darkness for four days. 

In "light" of the Super Moon tonight and it's rarity, it is supposed to possess stronger magical power and is the perfect night for finding true love.   Here is a full moon love ritual for those of you out there looking for true love and can't seem to find that special someone:
Put a bottle of clean water under the light of the moon, ask for love, and drink the water before you go to bed. Easy as that. If it wasn't for this ritual, I would never have found Chris (joking), I have never tried it.
For those of you looking for luck in your life here is what I have heard  brings luck by a "Super Moon":
Place a number of stones each representing something that you seem to be needing help with in your life and leave them on your front step. Easy as that.  I think I may try that one myself.  I am not sure, however, if these rituals work without the light of the moon. 

So whether you are looking for love, hunting werewolves, or just out and about, check out the moon tonight and enjoy!

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