Friday, February 11, 2011

Spaced Out

I have noticed two lines that have formed on my face.  Don’t get me wrong I have other lines from laughing and of course from the inevitable aging process.  I do turn thirty four this year so I am aware that lines are bound to show up.  These lines, however, are deeper like cracks in the earth that you can see from space.  I never used to have these…”space cracks!” Were these space cracks given to me by lack of sleep or times of high blood pressure? After all I do have an eleven month old that I have to calf rope in order to change his diaper and a two year old husky that had my contact lens in his lips this morning. I began to examine my face more thoroughly for more space cracks.  Then I began to pull my face back pretending I had a face lift.  It was clear to me that I needed a face lift but that would have to wait until I won the lottery.  I immediately applied and left a hefty glob of moisturizing cream on my space cracks in hopes that they would disappear on their own after my skin absorbed the cream. I carried on my day and my worries left my mind.  I went to the post office and said hello to passing Tilley folk on the streets. I spent time with my husband and demanded he tell me how beautiful he thought I was. It was just a normal day. Later that evening I was preparing for my nightly bath and there it was! The glob was still there! It hadn’t absorbed like I thought it would leaving my skin silky soft and diminishing my space cracks! I might as well have squirted tooth paste on my skin making my space cracks looking even more like SPACE CRACKS!   I needed to blame someone so I called my husband into the bathroom and asked him why he did not tell me I had a crusty glob on my face! Why did he let me go out of the house and interact with the outside world?  He told me he thought I put it there for a reason and that it was supposed to be there until I removed it.  Sigh what do you say to that?

Clearly I’m getting older and no matter how much cream I apply I am still going to age.  So to look at this positively, I have decided to age gracefully.  I want stay in good physical health as well as good mental health.  Someday I will be in my forties, fifties, sixties and so on.  How do I want to look?  How do I want to feel?  It all begins now that determines the outcome of who you are going to become in your later years.  I want to wish my grandmother a Happy Belated 82nd Birthday.  She is walking the 5k race with me on Mother’s Day.
On the subject of appearances, my sister has submitted a mascara review for us dazzling makeup folk!  Look on the side bar for it!

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