Monday, February 14, 2011

All That N Roses

To my husband,

Happy Valentines Day sweetheart! I have been racking my brain trying to figure out the perfect gift for you to show you how much I love you.  I wanted to give you something different besides the traditional Valentines Day gifts.  On most days when you get home from work, you come in the door, and with a strained looked on your face you say, "I'm broke right off".  For my readers, this means that he is worn out and tired.  So honey I thought I would run you a nice hot bubble bath to soak those aches and pains away.  Then I remembered that you are allergic to bubble bath and your eyes swell up.  Then I thought I would give those feet of yours, that are often broken, a nice rub.  Then I recalled that foot rubs send you "over the edge" making you scream and unable to touch at all! Perhaps a nice basket of chocolate and candy would satisfy your sweet tooth?  No, I can't do that because I would raid your stash in the night leaving you with empty wrappers and nothing left but crumbs.  I would take you out for a romantic dinner honey but I do recall you saying you have made reservations at A&W for us tonight.  So this leaves me with the only gift I think you will truly enjoy; For the entire night, you can talk about Axl Rose and Guns N Roses all you want.  I will listen patiently to every Toronto Maple Leaf's statistic there is including that the Toronto Maple Leafs were given their name on Valentines Day in 1927 by Conn Smythe.  Finally, I will try and come up with an answer for every Pearl Jam trivia you throw at me with a smile on my face.  I love you so much and hope you have a wonderful day. You are an incredible husband that keeps me laughing and a loving father that only makes me love you even more.  Happy Valentines Day sweetheart.

Check out a 'Rachael Ray' recipe my sister submitted just for Valentines Day on the side bar!
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