Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sticks and Stones

  My husband often teases me about buying a very old house. I am devoted to the house because I became a warrior my first night in it.  When I bought the house, I was single, needing a change of space, and one sunny day I found it…in Tilley.  I viewed it once and owned it the next day.  The first night I stayed in the house I was in for a surprise.  I just finished an attempt of putting together a guest bed in the upstairs loft with my cousin.  She was a big help.  She had a bottle of wine in her and she had the handy skills of a toddler.  We called it quits and said goodnight after leaving a large gash in the floor while trying to turn the bed. I shut out the lights and crawled into bed in my old, dark, and empty house.  Right away I heard a scratching sound right beside me.  I thought, “of course there is a scratching sound beside me while I lay here alone in the dark.”  I panicked and thought maybe it was a large bug sharpening his fangs right beside my head.  I turned on the light and the noise stopped.  I turned out the light and it began again with a little more intensity. When I turned on the light again it stopped.  I tore apart every blanket, I searched under the bed, and I looked in my dressers but nothing.  So I sat there with the light on waiting for the sound to return.  I gave up figuring it was gone and turned out the light.  The noise did return but this time it sounded like sticks snapping. This sound was beside my HEAD!  Naturally fear began to set in and I thought, “way to go, you just bought the Amityville house and the gateway to hell is probably in your basement!”  Normally when I am petrified my mind stops working and I grab silly weapons like kindergarten scissors or a tennis racket case.  In this situation, however, weapons wouldn’t do.  I was either going to be eaten by a large ‘stick snapping’ bug, or disappear into the walls and the little plump lady from the movie, Poltergeist, would have to save me. The noise continued, much like contractions, every five minutes or so.  I refused to leave my bedroom.  No, let me change that.  I couldn’t leave my bedroom because I was paralyzed with fear.  I was going over it in my head how fast it would take to sell the house when it hit me that I owned this Amityville house and darn it I was not going to be run out! I spoke out loud some brave speech to my ‘stick snapping’ friends and I lay there all night long until the sun came up and I fell asleep. 

Not really sure what the noise was in the end. I have never heard the snapping sticks again.  I have lived in the house for three years now and it makes all kinds of crazy noises. I have gotten used to it. It is an old house after all.  I love my house and hope to stay in it for as long as it will have our family!

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