Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oh Tiger Ice-Cream

Dear Tiger Ice-Cream,

I have written you a song.

Oh Tiger Ice-Cream you’re the one the one for me,
It kills me that I can’t have you whenever I feel the need.
Oh Tiger Ice-Cream you keep me wanting more,
You taunt me, haunt me, and scream at me while walking through the store!

Dee Dee Do dum dum dee do dum dum de do

Oh Tiger Ice-Cream you seduce me with your stripes,
I don’t want cherry, choco mint, or any other types,
Oh Tiger Ice-Cream they say that you’re no friend,
You’ll make my hips and thighs grow big, I’ll regret you in the end.

Dee Dee Do dum dum dee do dum dum de do
 (Instrumental Break)
Dee Dee Do dum dum dee do dum dum de do

Oh Tiger Ice-Cream why do you torture me so,
There are times I would give almost anything, a finger or a toe,
Oh Tiger Ice-Cream you are my special treat,
I don’t think it would hurt too much to have you once a week.

Dee Dee Do dum dum do dum dum de do.


  1. OK I had to look up tiger ice cream on Canada yahoo answers and OMG I want some! Everything is slow to hit OZ, I just tried Ben&Jerrys last month and for $16 for half a won't be a habit! Would love to try those turtle chocolates..I'll send you some Vegemite and you can send me some turtles..a fair trade I think :-) Bela

    1. I must admit I have tried Vegemite and it certainly is an aquired taste that I have not aquired just yet! Lol. However, if we are still corresponding around Christmas time I will send you a box of Turtles in exchange for an OZ Christmas favorite!