Saturday, May 26, 2012

Road Bullies


I do not have road rage.  I actually keep it together quite well while behind the wheel.  People cut me off, drive like Miss Daisy, or take my turn at the four-way stop and I admit I quietly call them a name I think they deserve but I do not rage.  The reason I do not rage is because I have cut some one off without realizing it while having a bad day, or I have taken someone’s turn at the four-way without thinking, and I drive like Miss Daisy at times, I do.   And I apologetically mouth the words “I am sorry” as someone is raising their fist at me or flipping me off but I don’t retaliate with rage.  People are so full of rage behind the wheel! And if they are not full of rage they are full of nerve and impatience which leads to their rage in the end.  On the highway, I like to drive the speed limit not much over or not much below.  Do you think this is good enough for some of the highway drivers out there?  No it is not.  Why can’t I pass another vehicle while maintaining my speed limit without some impatient driver riding the bumper of my car pushing me to go 130km? I don’t want to drive 130km!  I am passing a car that is going below the speed limit and I will be passed him shortly then I will go back into the lane that “designated” for us slow drivers.  Back off!  Furthermore, do these drivers not see the BABY ON BOARD sticker in my rear window as they are bullying me to jack up my speed just to take 3 seconds off of their driving time?  I am transporting my child as safely as I can while considering the safety of other fellow travellers who happen to have families and loved ones themselves.  And why can’t I pass someone without their pride or prejudices getting the better of them forcing them to pick up their speed as I am passing by?  So now I am being challenged to a race and I have to pick up my speed just to get passed you, putting myself in danger?  Or do I back off and get behind you again, accepting defeat because you didn’t like being passed?  Come on! 

There are so many road bullies out there that make driving nerve racking, unpleasant, and dangerous.  If you need to be somewhere, leave early!  If someone makes a driving error and it inconveniences you, remember that you make these mistakes too.  STOP BEING A ROAD BULLY!  Driving is dangerous enough. 


  1. I've experienced roadrage-accidently cut a guy off and at the lights he got out of his car and started banging on my window,abusing me.I don't react at all if someone wrongs me on the road-you just don't know how crazy the driver could be.Recently someone was pulled out of their car,beat up then run down in a road rage incident. Why do people feel they have the right to be a bully once they're on the road? Great post! Bela