Friday, June 3, 2011

For The Birds


Here are a few bird treats for the kiddies to build for their feathered friends over the week-end.  These homemade birdfeeders are fast, creative, eco friendly, and a low cost activity for the entire family to enjoy together!



Birdseed, peanut butter (or honey in case of allergies), silicone ice cube molds, ribbon

How to

Step 1: Mix birdseed and peanut butter (or honey) until texture of play-doh.
Step 2: Spoon enough of the birdseed mixture into the mold to cover the bottom
Step 3: Place the end of a piece of ribbon in the center of each mold
Step 4: Cover completely with birdseed mixture
Step 5: Freeze overnight
Step 6: Pop bird feeders out of molds and hang outside (preferably on a cooler day — if it’s too hot out, the peanut butter may melt!)


-Milk Carton
-Wax Crayons or felts
-Bird Feed

How to:

Decorate an empty milk carton with crayons, glitter, glue-ons, etc. Cut windows for the bird to enter the feeder. String ribbon or string through a hole punched top and hang in a desired spot for the family to enjoy the sight of the little tweety birds!

Here are some quick and easy ways to feed the birds with items in your cupboard:

Place half of an overripe orange or grapefruit on the end of a broken branch. Remove after 2 days.

Sew a string of whole, unshelled peanuts onto a piece of yarn and hang it on a tree.

Sew a garland of popcorn and put it on a tree.

Cut an opening in one side of the jug, large enough for a small bird to enter. Add a handful of bird seed, then hang from a tree. Remember to put the cap back on the jug! This keeps the rain and snow from ruining the bird seed.

String Cheerios on yarn and hang from a tree.

Use cookie cutters to cut shapes out of a slice of bread. Use a straw and place a hole in the bread, near the top, but not too close that it will easily break. Allow the bread to dry out for a couple of days (this is a great way to use up the ends of a loaf!). Smear peanut butter or lard on the bread and coat in peanut butter. Run twine through the hole and hang from the tree


- Pine Cones
-Peanut Butter
-Bird Seed
- String
How to:
With a spatula lather on a layer of peanut butter on a pine cone and roll it in birdseed.  Hang the pine cone from a tree!  Easy peasy!
Enjoy your week-end and hopefully we see some sunshine!
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