Monday, April 25, 2011

Give A Little Bit...

Changing my son Lyric’s diaper, holding him, dressing him or any kind of hands on activity can be compared to holding a tiger that has just come out of  anesthesia and has realized he is confined in a small area like the backseat of a car.  My son, much like the tiger, cannot be tamed with much of anything.  While changing his diaper, I hand him anything I can grab that he gives one moment of his time and then throws over board off the change table to its death.  I sing little peaceful songs as he growls, kicks, twists, flips, and bucks making the task more of an exorcism!  I hold back tears after a pop in nose while putting a shirt over his head or a slap across the face while doing the buttons up.  Sometimes I will ‘fake cry’ searching for a little remorse or humanity in him but he has ripped a chunk of my hair out before that discovery could be made. On the brighter side, I am now including the task of putting on Lyric’s pants and shoes as apart of my daily work-out schedule.  I am burning several calories and developing great muscle strength while fighting back arches and lap bouncing, restraining flailing arms, and controlling his flopping side to side followed by a crocodile roll into the dismount where he gets away.  We do this work-out three or four times a day depending if he chooses to spit his entire ‘sippy cup’ all over his front or throw certain articles of clothing in the toilet.  I bravely sneak in a kiss through the madness and cuddle him for a moment risking a head butt or a finger in the eye because I love him.  

By the end of the day we are both completely exhausted and by morning we are ready to begin again.  My little tiger is growing so fast and the more he grows the more curious he becomes of his surroundings often keeping me on the run.  I can only hope that at one point in his life he will slow down for a moment and let me hold him!If he doesn't I am going to knock on his door when he is thirty and demand a cuddle! I am expecting a phone call from my mother after she reads this reminding me of all the times she has chased me around the house trying to get a little affection.  I’m sorry mom!  Let’s have a cuddle!

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