Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Get Me To The Church On Time!

With the upcoming royal nuptials of Wills and Kate, I am reminded of my love of weddings.  Through out my youth I was always planning my wedding to my prince charming.  I spent hours cutting out gowns and shoes (all from the '80s) and put them in a box labeled and tucked away until I was old enough to get married!  Thankfully the box was lost in a move and those frilly dresses and beaded head pieces were never to be found again!  I planned on marrying one the Nelson twins, it didn't matter which one.  I sent them both a grade eight picture with directions to my house just incase they wanted to helicopter on over and declare their love to me.  

Even as a little girl I had weddings on the mind and married my dog "Muffy" off to the neighbor dog "Gismo" several times.  My buddy Jamie Stillborn and I felt our dogs needed to be married even though they despised each other.  I would dress her up in my mother's coffee table doilies and Jamie would put Gismo in a bow tie.  We would invite the neighbor kids and parents to join in on the blessed event and later tie the two dogs together hoping they would make friends but they would end up scrapping. Jamie and I would get into fights once in awhile and our friendship would be "over"!  I was quick to draw up divorce papers (which I still have) and the marriage would be over as well!  Then we would make up and another wedding would be planned.  Muffy and Gismo were married and divorced about ten times.  It ended in divorce after we moved much to Muffy's relief I am sure.

Where will you be this coming Friday at 3:00 am when Kate marries her Prince at Westminster Abbey?  I will be tuning in later that day for a re-run but my mother is having a party starting at midnight with all her dress club lady friends.  They are going to wear their pearls and best hats while they drink tea and eat pastries!  Looks like I am not the only one with a fairytale imagination.

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