Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dear Jon

Dear Jon Bon Jovi,

        I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday.  I understand you are in concert tonight rocking a stadium with Ritchie and the gang.  On behalf of your birthday I would like to share with you the excitement, the craziness, and the love my family and I have experienced throughout your career.  We are all fans of Bon Jovi and we express our devotion to you in different ways.  In the beginning it was my “rocker” mom who took my two cousins along with my sister and I to the Slippery When Wet concert in 1988. I was nine and it was the beginning of many Bon Jovi concerts.  It was my mother who taught us kids what a true fan looked and sounded like as she pounded her fist to the ceiling with the beat of the music and screamed, “I’m over here!! I’m over here Jon!”  It was that moment, watching my mother encouraging all of us to twirl our newly purchased Bon Jovi t-shirts in the air, that each of us became a true fan and took on our own ways of expressing it. Over the years some of us have quietly observed your career, bought your albums, sang along with you at concerts, and some of us (my cousin Nicky) are a bit more extreme. Two years ago Nicky and I attended your concert and when the lights went black she began to breathe heavily, “You Give Love a Bad Name” began to play, she buried her face in my jacket, you took the stage, and she bit my shoulder! The two of us are training for a 5K race this spring and it is your face taped to the wall in front of her treadmill that keeps her going. I think she is running after you Jon! I do believe she has told her husband of her plans of leaving him “only for the night” if you should show up on her door step.  I have watched her jump on the couch then off the couch then back on the couch while you sang to “her” about laying “her” down on a bed of roses.  And Jon, I have had countless conversations with her regarding your “perfectly white” teeth and how chest hair normally turns her off, but with you it’s some how different.  With that said, every time BonJovi visits the Saddle Dome in Calgary, Alberta know this; my sister and I are there with our lunatic cousin, my shoulder is bleeding, my mom is charging the stage and we love you!  Happy Birthday!

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