Monday, February 28, 2011

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Tonight while I was getting my son Lyric ready for bed, he kicked me in the nose. I cried a little and continued to cry as he rolled like a crocodile making it near impossible to get his diaper on.  He screamed bloody murder while I put him in his “Captain Awesome” pajamas and I cried a little more. Earlier in the day I had a small burst of tears when two of the three hard boiled eggs I was saving for my egg salad sandwich fell into the garbage disposal.  My tears escalated when my dog Zeppelin put his tongue in my blueberry yogurt. I laughed while I cried when Lyric dumped the dog’s water dish on himself and bucked like a bull while I changed him.  I childishly screamed into a pillow when I banged my knee on the corner of my bed and scolded the curtain holder when it took a chunk out of my thumb. I have to admit I became emotional as I desperately ate a handful of outdated chocolate chips to get a chocolate fix. Things weren't looking good up until an hour ago when I realized I had a Diet Dr. Pepper hidden in the back of the fridge! It is the little things that can turn it all around.

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