Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Waiting to Exhale

Mondays have become a treat in my life lately.  I like tease my husband that I have a date on Monday nights after my son's in bed. My husband plays in a billiards league on Monday nights and I watch a show involving beautiful people, kissing, tears, sappy speeches,  sunsets, seashells ,...basically the kind of thing Chris won't watch.  Chris joins his team Sticks and Stones for a hot hamburger and fries every Monday night and I join The Bachelor for some Bacon Dippers and salmon dip.  I like to set aside little treats that will go with my Bacon Dippers that I will wait patiently for all day long that I can't have until my son Lyric has gone to sleep. I stash a Diet Pepsi far back in the fridge where it can't be tempted and hide Cadbury Eggs under place mats knowing that I have a date with them at seven o'clock.  I set out my Victoria Secret snowflake pajamas and matching slippers out early in the day so they are ready for my date.  When Chris has kissed me good-bye and Lyric is fed, bathed, calf roped, changed, and put to bed... my date begins. I get every thing all prepared and set out.  I have The Bachelor taped prior and paused on the image of a black limo. I throw Zeppelin's food outside so it scatters in a thousand different places keeping him occupied while I settle in.  If I didn't do that he would be staring at me intensely releasing droplets of drool on my lap or banging tree branches off the sliding door located beside Lyric's room.  I wrap up in my blanket, crack my Diet Pepsi,  unwrap one Cadbury Egg and exhale.
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