Monday, February 21, 2011

Crackle Barrel or Jiffy

I am on a mouse hunt, well my husband Chris is or at least he will be tonight when he gets home from work.  I will cheer him on as he nervously sets those unstable mouse traps that have snapped on his fingers so many times before.  Zeppelin and I are tormented by the mouse.  While my husband lies in a fairytale coma, I lay awake with the covers over my head praying the mouse doesn't find his way into the bedroom.  I can hear Zeppelin skating around on the hardwood floors chasing it and being outsmarted every time.  Not that Zeppelin would take care of the problem if he could.  I have seen Zeppelin in action before in this situation, his tail wagging as if he were making a new friend.  This is not the first mouse we have had and will not be the last I am sure of it.  They come in our basement (which is the scariest place in the world by the way) but we will address that in later date.  They find alley ways in the floors and the walls to run around the entire house, shredding my nerves with every scratch and scamper! They always wait until my teeth are brushed, my pajamas on, my eyeballs out, lights off and everyone is snug as a bug in their beds before movement begins. Chris is fast asleep and it's just me and the figure skater. "Ah Zeppe they come and go buddy, you may never catch one." In this current code red situation, I am going to have to report back on the success of it all.  It could take two or three days depending on the  mouse.  Some like cheese and some like peanut butter.   

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