Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Before we begin I need to, in honor of the title of this blog, wish us all a Happy Groundhog Day.  Punxsutawney Phil was put on his stump this morning and predicted an early spring. Let us hope this prediction applies to us Alberta folk. So far this winter we have seen several cold snaps, more snow than I have seen in many many a moon, and the promise of an early spring doesn't seem possible.                              
I have become Jack Nicholson  in "The Shining" sharpening my axe as the snow continues to fall only isolating me even more in The Village of Tilley.  Apart from Tilley's charming feel of older days with the children pulling sleighs down the middle of the road and the sense of peacefulness, if it snows here your not getting out of here!  At least not in the Honda Civic I drive. 

Welcome ladies and gents to the launch of my little blog on the prairie.  My life, along with many others with me, has taken a dramatic turn since going on maternity leave and becoming a mama.  My husband has gotten to know a side of me that he has affectionately named Asyla, our eighty pound husky now eats socks like they're sugar snacks, and my beautiful little son Lyric has been betrothed to a career in bull riding supervised by none other than my dad. Perhaps writing a blog is some sort of therapeutic remedy...I don't know. None the less I feel like writing! So here I go...Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays check out what I've got to say!

Follow along with me day to day on grOundBlogdaY.  See you Friday!


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