Friday, February 4, 2011

Asyla's Asylum

In the wee hours of the morning when my husband's dreaded alarm clock went off and he dumped fifty pounds of change all over the floor retrieving his pants, I felt Asyla scratching and growling inside of me. 
  Asyla, according to my husband, is the demon that lurks within me.  She is "emotional", "irrational', "unreasonable",  and she has been known to be "evil" depending on the time of night.  Asyla makes her appearances in situations like...Zeppelin pooping in the car, Zeppelin pooping out my dress socks in the backyard, or Zeppelin making off with my lunch like a cheetah with a gazelle in his mouth.  Zeppelin really brings out Asyla. In the beginning stages of Lyric's life when he didn't sleep at night, we almost lost an alarm clock due an encounter with Asyla, but it survived the hit against the wall.   

Signs that Asyla is on her way out are: Sighing repeatedly, a change in facial color...usually red or purple...mostly red, wild eyes, and rapid speech.  Home remedies that keep the beast at bay are: clothes picked up off the floor, putting dishes in the dishwasher,  chocolate, Zeppelin's poop being removed consistently works extremely well, and Diet Pepsi.  Things like that are helpful.  In my opinion I think Asyla can be reasoned with. 

Perhaps Asyla is not alone and there are others out there that share her passion.  What's YOUR inner demon's name?  Tell me about her or him.

Have a great week-end.  See you Monday!


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