Thursday, January 31, 2013

Healthy Turkey Burgers and Rutabaga Fries

I love burgers and fries.  I am making better choices for my diet and have been learning healthier options.  A friend of mine made her family turkey burgers one night and I thought I would give them a go.  The result was better than expected! The burgers had terrific flavour and texture.  My husband grilled them on the bbq and it was as if we were having a regular beef burger.  We tried rutabaga fries instead of potato fries and surprisingly they were quite good!  The only problem is, it was my job to bake them in the oven and I got doing something else and forgot to watch them.  Most of them burned but those that did not were fabulous.  If you like sweet fries, you will like rutabaga/turnip fries.

Every one had their own way of making homemade burgers so feel apply your own ingredients to your recipe.  I will share what we put in ours.

-ground turkey
- 1 egg
-oats instead of crackers
-worchestire sauce
-squirt of ketchup
-a little bit of salsa for extra flavour

Rutabaga Fries:
My husband cut them up in nice big long chunks.  They looked great.
We used no oil. If you rinse them it helps the spices to stick better to the fries.  We used a sprinkle of nutmeg, sea salt, and a bit of cracked pepper.  Bake them at 400 degress celcius for 20-25 minutes on a baking sheet lined with tinfoil and voila they make great fries.  Try broiling them the last few minutes to brown them.

 Tasted great with a side salad of spinach!

 Lyric loved his supper and that's all the matters!
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