Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shovel Over

I stood on the edge of a dirt pile in the waning light of the day, holding a shovel full of dirt and took my seventh shoveling break since we started five minutes ago. I watched Chris punch his shovel into the hard dirt over and over again working like a gardening “Jedi”.  I rubbed my back, because I had already pulled something, and looked over the job at hand. Chris was near being done half of the pile and I had only a little dent done on my side.  I hoped the neighbors couldn’t see my weak attempt lifting a shovel full of dirt only to tip it and spill it in mid throw. I had to steal the remnants of dirt from Chris’s side because I could barely break the surface enough to get a shovel full. I was forced to stop again due to a splinter from the wooden handle. It took a good eight minutes to get that sucker out!  I decided to take a different approach and jump on the shoulders of the blade with great force! It seemed to be working for Chris because he was closing in on my side of the pile fast.  My left rubber sandal gave out and slipped off the shovel, scraping a little bit of my ankle.  I had to sit down for a bit and check to see if I was bleeding or swelling.  I wasn’t, but it hurt.  I made good and sure it was better before getting back on the job. I found success breaking up the lumps on the surface of the pile. I figured if the dirt was a little softer it would be easier to lift and throw. I believe Chris found this helpful. He worked quickly around me while beads of sweat formed on his forehead.  I stopped for a moment and thought of the scene in “Alice in Wonderland”, where Alice had finally found a path to lead her out of the dark forest, but a dog with a broom snout showed up and swept away the path, leaving her standing on a single square of what was left.  When I snapped out of my reverie I saw that Chris was putting the last shovel of dirt on the new flower bed.  I immediately shoveled up my little square I was standing on and threw it on the bed. I wiped my brow, patted Chris on the back and said, “Well I don’t know about you but I’m beat.”

I hope everyone had a great long week-end. My week-end included a much needed yard clean up.  I am grateful to have had my husband for those challenging outdoor jobs that I struggled with!  I am sure he was grateful for the company!

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