Monday, May 2, 2011

Running On Empty

As my first 5k race approaches this coming Mother’s Day week-end, I cannot deny my nerves.  I would be lying if I said I was not having tiny nightmares of running naked and going into cardiac arrest while reaching desperately for the finish line.  As I mentioned in The Big Comfy Couch blog, the last race I ran I came in drop dead last, my body barely clinging to life while the deafening cheers of the crowd urged me on and the chanting of my name wouldn’t allow me to collapse right there on the track.  I waited until I crossed the finish line…long after the others had. 

Six weeks ago I decided to kick up my running a notch and go into training just like an ultimate fighter preparing for a fight.  I have been increasing my speed, running as early as in the morning five days a week, and watching my diet.  Actually that last part is a lie. Yesterday I smuggled my husband’s chocolate Lindor bunny into the car where I secretly devoured it. I decided I would only allow myself an ear and then I couldn’t stop.

I have not been alone in my “training camp”.  My cousin Nicky is also running the race and has been joining me in the long stretch down the highway and back.  I find the pop sounds of the ‘80s on my Ipod keep me going while my cousin enjoys the gentle sounds of Ice T, preferably songs from the ‘Body Count’ album.  Every once in awhile she will yell out loudly into the darkness, “I’M A PIMP BEHIND THE WHEEL”, or “IM A HOMEY AND A GANGSTER!”  I am confident her sudden outburst of gangster rap will attract all kinds of attention.  I may pretend I don’t know her or abandon her all together.

I have worked hard to develop my endurance and just to finish the race will be a much deserved victory.  I look forward to sharing this accomplishment with my sister, mother, cousin, auntie, brother in law, and a dear friend who tells me my blog inspired her to start running.  I want to thank many of my friends who have inspired me! 5k here I come! BRING IT ON!

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Did I mention I am running the 5k race a Dinosaur Provincial Park as well! 
Pump It Up Dino Run first Saturday in May at Dinosaur Provincial Park UNESCO World Heritage Site!!! Should be a good time. Lots of prizes. 3, 5 and 10 km. And the 10 km goes into the park's closed off area: the Natural Preserve!


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