Wednesday, April 13, 2011
In my Anthropology class while I was in University, I sat next to a girl who carried gem stones around with her for different purposes.  She was fun and interesting! Her enthusiasm for her gem stones and their meanings beguiled me!  I have not seen her since those days in class but I do remember what she taught me:

Tigers Eye The tigers eye is a protection stone and will also provide luck.  This stone is for the mind not the body so wear it for short periods of time to avoid energy loss. 
Moonstone - The moonstone offers soothing and balance of emotions.  This stone is associated to all that is needed and will help you absorb what is needed in your life and discern what is wanted. This is also said to be a wish stone!

Jade- Jade is a love stone that is said to attract true love.  This stone can also bring luck in money matters and is a healing stone.

Amethyst- If you suffer from insomnia put an amethyst under your pillow as a sleep aid and rub it across your forehead to ease a headache.

There is much information and fun things to try with gem stones if you are a believer in such things!

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Turquoise- Turquoise carries great wisdom of basic truth within it. It is one of the oldest stones known.
This stone is said to help you better understand yourself, a self realization stone. I have heard the owner of this stone must pay special attention to it. 


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